In-Flight Meal Austrian Airlines Business Class (VIE-NRT) Viennese for better or worse?

Continuing from yesterday, this is a report on in-flight meals from the boarding record for Austrian Airlines Business Class.

Generally speaking, in-flight meals are more delicious on flights departing from the airline’s base than those departing from other countries. The Austrian Airlines this time came out of Vienna with great expectations, but how does it taste?

Viennese in-flight meal menu


Before the departure of the plane, the chief in charge of in-flight meals (? Someone who appears to have distributed the menu came to take an order for the selection menu.


A menu table about the size of a square. The paper quality is about the same as that of JAL, and it is not so thick paper.


Looking at the menu, the in-flight meal was served twice, the first dinner and the last breakfast. For dinner, you can choose between 2 Western dishes or 2 Japanese dishes. You can also choose the main dish or dessert for breakfast, but I couldn’t find an a la carte menu that you can order whenever you want.


There are two types of sparkling wine including champagne, three types each of red and white, and dessert wine. There are very detailed explanations in Japanese, so it’s easy to choose and good!


All the brands are mainly Austrian and the market price is around €10. Later, I tried this “Neusiedlersee DAC 2017” red wine, and it was delicious as the grape flavor spread out slowly!

I couldn’t try all the brands, but there might be hidden masterpieces.

Response Quality Varies by CA


Now, the in-flight service has started right after takeoff! First, a towel is given, and then a tablecloth is drawn, but the thing that bothers me here is the behavior of CA.

There seem to be five CA in this business class, including one chief and one Japanese CA, but the quality of service varies depending on the person.


Especially with one Japanese CA, I got an impression that it was a little messy, such as how to place dishes and take orders. I understand you are busy, but isn’t it one of the important elements of business class to produce “Elegant”?


On the other hand, non-Japanese CA are all very polite and always provide a special service with a smile. Since the Japanese CA can communicate with each other without difficulty, there is a sense of family-like intimacy, so I would like to see a little more of a positive response.

Champagne is “Duval Leroy”


Let’s start with the champagne we are looking forward to! According to the menu, Austrian Airlines’ champagne brand is “Duval Leroy Brut (Duval Leroy Brut)”. Perhaps because it doesn’t make bubbles, CA poured it with a glass in his hand.


Duval Leroy is the champagne that is also available in Malaysian Airline Business Class. This champagne has a rich aroma and well-balanced sweetness, and is quite delicious!

Duval Leroy also comes in several flavors, including Austrian Airlines, a dry brand named “Brut”. I checked the market price, and it’s around 5000 yen, which may be a little cheaper than that of Malaysia Airlines. It can be said that the cost performance is that good.

Western appetizers are delicious!


After the drink, the in-flight meal will finally start! The hors d’oeuvres are “wagon service”, but basically there are 2 choices, Western food or Japanese food. The Japanese menu is “Assorted appetizers”.


In the case of Western food, you can choose your favorite dish from the following 4 menus and have it served on a plate.

  • Beef Salad/Beans
  • Goat wrapped in cheese and bacon
  • Chili marinade with shrimp
  • Avocado Tomato Salad/French Dressing


I chose 3 kinds of salad other than avocado salad, but the portion was quite small, so I think it would be better to take all of them from the beginning. I got a refill when I came back later!


Everything tastes good! The shrimp in chili sauce has a nice texture and rich flavor. The cheese inside the bacon is fluffy and you can enjoy the mysterious texture at the same time. This is a very high quality in-flight meal!

bread with a slightly peculiar taste


You can choose from a basket of bread, and I was surprised by the variety! This kind of performance is unique to business class.

However, the taste of all the breads was not good … Although all of them were warmed up, there was no smell or flavor, and there was no taste at all or some special yeast taste.


Only this sesame bread is fragrant and good, but other than that, it is a little bit …

This is just my personal opinion, but there aren’t many Austrian breads that suit my taste. I’ve tried several here too, and the taste is the same as the bread served at supermarkets and restaurants in Vienna.


“Vienna style potato soup” served with bread is surprisingly smooth despite its appearance. It has a strong scent and lingering scent, but the taste is not bad …

Choose from 4 main types


Then the main dish. As for the main dishes, a person who looks like a chief came to take an order before takeoff, so they are delivered individually, not in a wagon. I chose the Western style “Chicken Breast/Stuffed Truffle Brioche”.


I thought it was a bland dish, but when I looked closely, there was a solid filling in the chicken. Does it taste like curry? It feels like the flavor is coming out little by little after you put it in your mouth.

The quality of the chicken was not bad, and it was a very elaborate and high quality dish, but the side dish with edamame was not tasty, which was disappointing!

Coffee menus are provided


This menu was served after a meal. There was a special menu for coffee! Come to think of it, the name of coffee was not on the ground menu that was distributed first.


There are 10 kinds of coffee! All the explanations are written in Japanese, so it’s easy to understand. This service is unique to an Austrian Airlines with a cafe culture!


I chose “Melange”. I always order “Coffee with milk” at cafes in Vienna, but the taste of milk coffee I drink on the plane is like bitter chocolate and the aftertaste of rich milk.

It was not particularly delicious, but they served the same taste as the coffee served at cafes in Vienna.

Delicious desserts are available! But the cheese is …


Dessert after coffee! This is also a wagon service, but you can choose multiple desserts you like.


Then I ate everything except fruit!

  • Traditional Sweet Pancakes/Raspberries
  • Mousse au chocolat, Blanc & Noir
  • Homemade apricot ice cream


This chocolate mousse is quite delicious! The chocolate layer has a hint of bitterness behind the sweetness, and the white layer is rich custard.


However, the pancake and ice cream were nothing special. “traditional pancake” seems to refer to Vienna’s soul food ” Palatschinken “, which I think is especially delicious … (See also: “Palatschinken” in Vienna!).


On the other hand, the cheese platter that I received with the dessert was very unique! Every cheese has a very peculiar smell and taste, and if I say it well, it is authentic.

I had tried buying cheese at a supermarket in Vienna before, but it was so strong that I threw it away …, and I felt that it was exactly the taste at that time. For better or worse, I recommend it to people who like Viennese taste and strong cheese.

There are delicious dishes, but …


For better or worse, Viennese in-flight meals. Delicious appetizers, desserts and coffee are the key points, but this is the first time I’ve had cheese with such an authentic smell as an in-flight meal!

It’s gotten longer, so I’ll continue with the next article. Next time I will report on the comfort of the bed and the breakfast menu! → Full flat bed and breakfast report! Austrian Airlines Business Class

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