Air France HND ~ CDG Business Class In-flight Foods Report!

Air France, which introduced the first class seats last time, doesn’t give up the business class service either! This time, I would like to report on the menu and taste of in-flight meals (dinner) from Haneda to Paris.

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The in-flight safety video is interesting!


By the way, this is a very interesting in-flight safety video that is always shown before takeoff. 5 ~ 6 ladies appear on the stage and explain the safety in a comical way.


The characters are five passengers and one flight attendant. The scene in which a passenger who was smoking in the toilet was warned by the CA and the cigarette was collected, and the five passengers checked each other’s seat bells is funny and full of humor like conte!


Rather than being serious, I think the aim is to make it more interesting and interesting to be seen, but maybe the eyes are only focused on the gestures of women and the main content doesn’t come in?

Come to think of it, there was news that Japan’s ANA would start showing in-flight safety videos on the theme of “Kabuki” in December 2018. I can see the ingenuity of each airline to make them watch videos somehow.

Champagne is the same brand as JAL.


As soon as we take off and enter stable flight, the service starts. First, you can choose from 3 kinds of welcome drinks, but I chose champagne.


The champagne of Air France is a choice of “Charles Heidsieck Brut”. This is the same as that offered on JAL’s short and medium distance business class routes.

When I drank it, it was smooth on the tongue with little emphasis. It’s not a bad champagne at all, but it doesn’t taste particularly good.

The market price of the bottle is about 6000 yen. I was expecting a little more expensive and delicious champagne because it was an airline of champagne country, but this was a bit disappointing …

In-flight meal and drink menu


Next, about the in-flight meal menu, this flight has two meals. Despite the late-night departure at 23:50, a hearty dinner is served at the beginning.


Dinner consists of 3 courses, and you can choose one of 4 main dishes. They also have a la carte menu with rice balls and fruits as a light meal and breakfast 2 hours before arrival.


The drinks range from alcohol to soft drinks, but there is no difference between the menu from Haneda and Paris, including the wine brands.


There were 4 kinds of red and white wine, and I tried all of them on the flight from Paris, and all of them were delicious wines for business class! The champagne doesn’t come out very well, so it’s better to attack with wine.

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Appetizers and bread, the quality is quite high!


About an hour after takeoff, the first plate arrived! I thought it was just an appetizer, but in addition to the cheese that was written after the main dish, it also has a dessert!

I don’t know if it was to shorten the time, but at least I would like to have dessert at the end of the meal …


Here is an appetizer, Bündner Fleisch made from Swiss dried beef with paprika, and the other one is a sea bass paste with shrimp dressed with mango salsa. Beef like prosciutto is not a big deal, but shrimp is very tasty!



You can choose the bread from the basket, but there are only 2 kinds at this time. But this is a delicious bread that is elastic and the more you chew it, the more it tastes! It has an exquisite smooth texture and is not salty, but I think it is a very high quality bread.


Do you want some miso soup? I was asked, so I ate it, but as the name suggests, the miso soup was half-full of drinks without any ingredients (lol)! But the taste is not bad, I wonder if the broth is made properly.

Delicious sweets with high quality cheese!


There are also two kinds of cheese. It doesn’t smell like Austria Airlines, but the blue cheese is so pungent that my mouth is burning! Both of them are very high quality and have authentic taste, as expected Air France Airlines.


The dessert served with the appetizer was also delicious! Rich and moist orange financier, pistachio and cherry mousse.


You can also enjoy the crunchy texture of the rich chocolate macaron! Even though it’s from Japan, the fact that the desserts are as good as French airlines!

Would you like meat for your main dish?


Select “Fried Bread with Beef Fillet” for the main. I tried the potato side dish before the meat, and it was very delicious as the flavor of the green onion like vegetable called chives (Chives) spread!


The meat was cooked moderately. You have to chew it to make your jaw hurt, but if you eat beef fillet on the plane, it’s like this. It’s lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, but it’s better to put the garnish sauce on it.


Finish it off with coffee! As with the in-flight meal from Paris, I honestly didn’t like the main dish …, but it was good that it was included in the delicious appetizer, bread and dessert!


After eating, recline your seat and go into your dream. I will continue to talk about the comfort of the bed and breakfast next time. → How does the Air France B777-300 full flat bed feel? business class boarding record

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