How to Buy the WINGS OF TIME Ticket! What Gift of “Premium Seat” can I get?

On Sentosa Island in Singapore, “Wings Of Time (Wings of Time)” is a daily light and sound entertainment show. It is a short show of about 20 minutes, but it has a fantastic world view and a powerful stage direction that makes full use of modern technology, and it is very popular, so I have come to see it.

This time, I would like to introduce you to the purchase of the ticket for viewing the Wings Of Time and the gift you can receive when you purchase it.

※This article was written before the virus scandal. This will be updated.

Two seat types and venue locations

There are two types of seats for Wings Of Time tickets, Standard Seat and Premium Seat. Both Standard and Premium are non-reserved seats, but you can watch in the area where you can see the stage better with Premium. According to the reviews I researched in advance, I couldn’t get a good seat if I didn’t line up very early for the Standard ticket, so I decided to watch it at the Premium Seat this time.

The venue is in Sentosa Island. The venue is set up on a sandy beach in front of Beach Station, the last stop of the Sentosa Express, and it is completely outside without a roof.

There are 2 performances at 19: 40 and 20: 40. 19: 40 is more popular, especially on weekends when it’s crowded.

シンガポールWings Of Timeチケット価格

Tickets cost $18 and $23, respectively. You can buy tickets from the ticket booth near the venue or from HP in advance. HP offers a few dollars discount, but you have to specify the date of purchase, so it’s the worst on a rainy day. I decided to buy it on the day of the tour because it is not a busy season.

Buy tickets at Beach Station

シンガポールWings Of Timeチケットの購入場所

On the day of the show, I arrived at the venue, Beach Station, around 18 o’clock. It was a weekday, but I’d like to buy a ticket early just in case. This time, I chose the time of 20: 40, which is less crowded.

シンガポールWings Of Timeチケットブース

The ticket booth is right next to the exit for Beach after you get off the escalator at the station. If you tell them the type of seat, the number of tickets and the performance time, they will issue it immediately. You can use a credit card, so you don’t have to worry.

What do I get as a Premium Seat gift?

シンガポールWings Of Time会場

After I bought a ticket and finished sightseeing, I visited Beach Station again around 20 o’clock. You can see the venue of Wings Of Time if you go down the stairs from the rotary in front of the station.

シンガポールWings Of Time正面ゲート

There will be a lot of people from the venue who have finished watching the 19: 40 show. At this time, the gate in front is gate 3 for exclusive use of premium seats. In the case of a standard ticket, you have to go around to another place.

シンガポールWings Of Timeチケットのクーポン

By the way, this coupon was given with the ticket. This is limited to premium seats, and you can exchange it for 3 benefits. I need to buy “$3off” on the far left, so I would like to use the 2 on the right that I can get free. What kind of things can I get?

シンガポールWings Of Timeゲート近くのショップ

Looking at the information written on the coupon, the first benefit is the shop on the right side of the gate 3 “Beach Plaza”. When I showed the coupon to my older brother, he brought me a gift which was placed next to the cashier.

シンガポールWings Of Timeギフトのうちわ

Here it is. Uchiwa … might not be what I expected, but this is what it is, …。 is perfect for a venue in a tropical country.

シンガポールWings Of Time来場記念

The back side looks like this. I think it will be a memento of your visit.

シンガポールWings Of Timeチケットの特典をもらえる所

Another benefit is a special wagon right next to Gate 3. Snacks lined up in front of the shop were the target, and when I gave a coupon to my aunt, she willingly gave it to me.

シンガポールWings Of Timeチケットのギフトでもらえるポップコーン

Snack was actually popcorn. I’ve heard that popcorn is often sold in places like this because it’s easy to clean when you drop it.

シンガポールWings Of Timeのポップコーン

I ate it after I got back to the hotel, and it was quite delicious popcorn. It is sweet as it says SWEET, but it is not so sticky and surprisingly light! It is large and filling.

“fan” and “popcorn” If possible, it would be perfect if it comes with a drink.


After the gift exchange, we are finally going to the venue. Next time, I would like to see the difference between the premium seat and the standard seat in addition to the Wings Of Time observation report.

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