Palau de la Musica Catalana Appreciation Report! The Beautiful Auditorium and the View of the Audience Seats are in Detail!

Continuing from last time, watching Palau de la Musica Catalana in Barcelona, Spain! This time, in addition to the beautiful seats, the view from each floor was compared. I would like to report with a sheet map.

beautiful staircase leading to the auditorium


Just 30 minutes before the show started, a big buzzer sounded inside the building, signalling the opening time and entrance was started! There is a ticket check at the stairs and you go up the stairs to the seat.


The approach from the entrance hall to the seats is a beautiful marble grand staircase! It’s not as big as (Garnier) in Paris, but it’s worth seeing.


Even in the linear design, the ceiling and window frame have an arched shape, which is influenced by Islamic culture. The ceiling is filled with fine white tiles, and from a distance it looks just like the walls of a Thai temple in Bangkok.

Palau de la Musica Catalana seating chart


Well, this Palau de la Musica Catalana seat has a capacity of about 2,200. Looking at the seat map, there are 2 levels of upper seats in addition to Hiradoma, but the number of rear seats on the top floor stands out. It’s like an outfield bleacher in a baseball stadium.

Also, there are black spots indicating the position of pillars everywhere in the audience seats, but you need to be careful when choosing a seat because the view might be spoiled depending on the place.


When I actually went there, it was a great pillar for good or bad (laughs). Since it has a sense of presence, when it comes into view, you may not be able to concentrate on the stage, but in most cases, it is on the back of the seat, so you don’t need to worry about it so much.

See the panoramic view of the beautiful hall!


Then, finally, inside the concert hall! Since there are so many people, the best time to preview the venue is right after the opening!


First, I went to the flat dirt floor on the first floor, but the view was amazing! Decorations are applied to every surface, from the ceiling to the walls to the echoes on the stage.


The stained glass on the ceiling is amazing! This stained glass is said to represent the sun, but you can see that the center part is distorted and swells.


Later I went upstairs and took a closer look, and it was like this! It looks like there is a lighting device inside the protruding part (Excuse me.) like a nipple like a protruding beeso, and the light is turned on at night though it is weak.

It’s much brighter with natural light than a gorgeous chandelier.


The view of the stage is also wonderful! Stained glass with natural light is placed on the pipe organ, which has a unique design that is like a condensed pipe, with the frontage surrounded by a marble sculpture like a curtain.

I have seen many concert halls, but this is the first time I have seen such a unique scenery!


Also, Palau de la Musica Catalana has a capacity of 2,200, but the flat floor and stage size is rather small. This is an orchestra performance, but even if it is a thrust stage, Vn comes to the very end.


Also, because of the decorations such as sculptures on the stage, it is not suitable for opera or ballet. The distance to the audience is close, so in that sense, it might be a hall for chamber music.

View from Hiradoma (first floor seat)


Next, check the view from the seats on each floor! First of all, it is a flat floor seat, but this one has an aisle in the center and there is not much difference in height between the front and back seats, so it may be hard to see if a big person sits in front of you.


The seats on both sides are balcony like this. Like other opera houses, it is a chair that you can move freely.


At the back of the flat earth floor, the upper floor part protrudes widely, so there is a sense of blockage. The sound on the stage goes through the ceiling of the hall, so I think it is hard to hear the sound when the upper floor is so close to the head.


The seats are common on each floor, but when you sit down, the width of the seat is about 45 cm. I feel a lot of pressure when I am buried in a full seat.

View from the second floor seats


Next, go up to the second floor seat. Since all the seats on this floor are located under the upper floor (third floor seating), there is no sense of openness, and it is difficult to see stained glass on the whole ceiling, so the view might be the worst.


The view from the balcony seats on the side is here. I chose this seat this time, but more than half of the stage is covered by the head of the person in front of me. But the sound comes unexpectedly, so it’s not a bad seat for listening to music.


However, even though the seats are on the same second floor, the front seat in the center has a good view of the whole venue. There are many halls with VIP seats in the center of the second floor, so this is natural in a sense. Because of that, the ticket fee is often in the 1st category, which is the same as Hiradoma.

scenic top floor


Next, take a seat on the top floor. As you can see from the seat map, the middle seat is a big stand seat with 24 rows.


The view from the center of the top floor is here! The front of the stage is a little hard to see when you sit down, but you can still see everything from the pipe organ to the ceiling to the wall decorations.


The balconies on both sides are nice! There is a beautiful corridor, and you can see stained glass of the hall ceiling up close. If you sit in the back seat, you can hardly see the stage, but the ticket fee is often cheaper.


This top floor seems to be the best spot for shooting, and when I went there during the break time, there were so many people! That might be the best floor to enjoy the view of the hall.

Does the Berlin Philharmonic play at …?


Well, this is a trip by the Berlin Philharmonic, led by world-famous conductor Simon Rattle. The program includes works by a contemporary composer Jörg Widmann and a Polish composer Witold Lutosławski in the first half, and the first symphony by Brahms in the second half. * The program is distributed for free.


The Berlin Philharmonic is one of the world’s most talented German orchestras, but this performance was not very sophisticated, it was just a loud, uncontrolled sound, and it was not a good performance at all.


I thought it was just because the listening position was bad, but the timing of the players often slips, and the Commas solo is subtle …。 I can’t deny the impression that he just plays according to the conductor.

The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra might be playing an appropriate musical performance for tourists because of its location, but this makes the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra cry …。

a very small bar


Finally, check out the social scene during the break! There is a room with a bar in the foyer on the upper floor, and drinks mainly with alcohol and pinchos are served for a fee.


The bar was originally set up in a small room, so it became crowded and chaotic during the break time! There are many ladies and gentlemen here, but I think we should talk in such a place.


Snacks are mainly pinchos. There is also a menu with uncured ham, which is very Spanish.


This is the standard foam, but when I looked at the bottle, I could see the word “GRAMONA IMPERIAL”! This is a standard sparkling wine from Spain.

Market prices in Japan range from around 4000 yen to 6000 yen. There seems to be a difference depending on the vintage, but it is rather expensive as a rank of sparkling, not champagne.

The beautiful hall is for tourists.

My impressions after the orchestra performance at Palau de la Musica Catalana, the hall is completely focused on the view. It doesn’t have a lot of reverberation, so I felt it wasn’t designed for sound.


It is good to appreciate for sightseeing, but for those who want to listen to “Music” as a musician, it burns quite imperfectly …。

In that sense, the level of satisfaction will be considerably lowered in a secluded place on the second floor like this time. Even if you pay a little more for the ticket, I think it is the best to watch the performance looking up at the pipe organ on the stage in the Hiradoma.


So it was a concert viewing report at Palau de la Musica Catalana! Please see the previous article about ticket arrangement and hall outline.

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