Gorgeous! Report on “Garnier” at the Paris Opera House! Ballet Performance《Giselle》

This article reports on the performance of the National Opera “Garnier” in Paris, France, where the ballet <<Giselle>> was performed. The auditorium surrounded by gold decorations and the foyer corridor decorated with dazzling gold sighed just as I looked.

The purchase of tickets for this performance is described in yesterday’s article [Get tickets and seat types in Paris, France “Opera House” – Get an independent seat in Garnier!].

※This article was written before the virus scandal. This will be updated.

Location and appearance of the Opera House “Garnier”

There are beautiful opera houses in every western country, but Paris ’ “Garnier” was the most luxurious.

The Palais Garnier Opera House is located in the heart of Paris’s right bank. I took the RER-A line from Auber station.

The appearance is big and magnificent! The National Opera of Prague was small and lacked dynamism.

The area around the entrance is a popular tourist spot. The guidebook said to watch out for pickpockets of children around the Opera, but I didn’t see anything like that. It’s already before 19 o’clock, but it’s bright because it’s close to the summer solstice.

Go inside after security check

There was an airport-like security gate at the entrance. I think this was probably installed after the terrorist attacks. It is undeniable that the scenery has collapsed a little, but it is said that theaters where people gather are more likely to be targeted.

Ticket check is before the main staircase. In other words, you can enter this part without a ticket.

The program was sold here. Price: 12 €… 2.4 times the Vienna State Opera (laughs)! In spite of that, there are few English descriptions and the contents are unkind …。

Bridge of Dreams “grand staircase”

Now, finally to the world of dreams! Here, it is OK if you show the e-ticket purchased from the National Opera House HP and scan the barcode. You do not need to present the credit card used for the purchase.

The main staircase is divided into 3 directions. I’m going to the main entrance.

This hall with big stairs has an atrium to the upper floor. This ceiling painting is by Isidor Phil (Isidore Pils) and his disciples.

Now, let us pass through the foyer and proceed to the audience!

a gold-decorated auditorium

Wow ~! Even the details of the decoration are full of gold! It’s like stardust falling from a chandelier.

The ceiling painting by Marc Chagall (1887 ~ 1985) depicts 14 musicians performing an opera.

The edge of Loge is all gold! I’ve never seen such a glorious horseshoe auditorium!

Check seats in 1st category

Well, the seat I reserved is BALCON 81. In terms of category, it is the 2nd “1st” from the top, but the seats around here are all good seats in the best category “OPTIMA”.

When I actually saw it, it was indeed a separate seat! It looks like a little “throne” and is wonderful! The seats of Garnier are not foldable, but they are made firmly like this.

However, this side seat is a foldable auxiliary seat. Seats with an “59 s” in their seat number fall under this category, but obviously they are not. I have to be careful not to choose this seat when I make a reservation.

Great view!

Great view! There is a passageway in front of you and the lower level ORCHESTRE in front of you, so there is nothing to block your view! The distance to the stage is just right and I am proud that I chose a good seat.

I didn’t feel that the space around my feet was too small. Especially, there is a little space on the left side of the seat, so it won’t get in the way if you put your luggage. I’m glad that I don’t have to leave it at the cloakroom.

There is a wall of LOGE right next to the seat, but the sound is not reflected here and you can hear the performance of the orchestra pit comfortably.

However, because the brass instruments are facing this way, the harmony (Especially Tb) of the brass session can be heard especially by the eyes, and it sometimes cancels out the sound of the stringed instruments, making it difficult to hear the sound of the strings such as Vn.

Impressions of <<GISELLE>>

As for the main program <<GISELLE – Giselle>>, the dancers’ skill was not good. …。 The main cast danced a lot, but many of the other dancers’ footsteps were fluttering and they didn’t move well, so the performance made me doubt their skill.

In the middle of Act 2, the fairies knocked down Giselle’s grave saying, “Bam”! The stage staff returned later, but I saw a very rare and unusual case …。

Next time, I will introduce the corridor of the foyer which is too beautiful!→Infiltrating the beautiful “Golden Room” of Palais Garnier!

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