Moscow Kremlin, Check out How to Buy a Good Ticket and what to See!

The “Kremlin” is famous as the best sightseeing spot in Moscow, Russia. It is a very popular spot where people always have to wait in line, but this time I could enter smoothly without waiting in line despite the busy summer season!

Based on my experience, I would like to tell you about how to buy tickets, how to enter, and what to see inside.

Kremlin location and overview

Kremlin is in a triangular compound in the center of Moscow, Russia. It is registered as a World Heritage Site as the palace of the former Russian Empire, and even today, the Presidential Palace of the Russian Federation is located in it.


You cannot enter the building of Cheong Wa Dae, but there are various chapels, religious facilities, and museums with weapons and jewels owned by the former empire, which tourists visit.

You can see the famous Uspenski Cathedral, gold, silver and jewels.

Ticket types and sketches

  • ① Architectural complex of the Cathedral Square … 700 RUB
  • ② Armoury Chamber … 1,000 RUB
  • ③ Diamond fund … 500 RUB
  • ④ Ivan the Great Bell Tower … 350 RUB
  • ⑤ Temporary Exhibitions … 500 RUB

Kremlin tickets vary depending on the facility you enter. The most standard ticket is number (1), which gives you access to the large Palace Square and the numerous chapels that line it.

Moscow Kremlin map

There are 2 entrances to Kremlin on the west side of the property, and the main entrance is on the north side (Krafia Tower). (2) When entering the arsenal or (3) the diamond storehouse, you enter from the south side (Borovitskaya Tower), and they are connected inside (to be described later).

I recommend the ticket machine to buy tickets!


The ticket office is located 100 meters away from the main entrance. There is also a museum shop inside.

For access, it is convenient to use Exit 5 of Alexandrovskiy sad station on Metro Line 4!




There are several counters inside, and the place of purchase depends on the type of ticket you want. Look at the information board near the ceiling and line up at the ticket window.


Tickets are limited to a limited number of hours, with the exception of the cathedral square and churches ((1) in the list above), and the most popular diamond storehouses are often sold out early.

I visited before 10 AM on the day and there are already 5 tickets left until 13:00. Tickets after 14:00 will go on sale in the afternoon, but if you want to visit at your desired time, I recommend you to come as early as possible.


Tickets of (1) can also be purchased at ticket vending machines. As usual, there was almost no line to the ticket machine, and I was able to get a ticket within 5 minutes!



Depending on the window, the line reaches to the outside of the building, so there are many patterns that people mistakenly line up there and realize later that it is not the line for the ticket.

You don’t have to wait in line if you just go inside the ticket office, so it’s important to go inside and check the situation well first!


You can also buy tickets on the official website, except for the diamond storeroom, but you need to specify the time zone even if you only enter the square (1).

But you can buy a ticket of a popular arsenal, or you can buy a ticket if you have some left even on the day, so it might be worth using it.

enter through the second entrance


Once you get a ticket, go into Kremlin right away! You have to enter from the main entrance except for the weapons and diamond storage, but it is very crowded like this! There is a baggage check inside, so the line is not moving. …


So I used the second entrance with the Borovitskaya tower. This is the entrance to the armory and diamond storehouse, but it is connected to the square inside, so you can go to Uspenski Cathedral from here.


In order to pass through the 2nd entrance, you need a ticket for either the weapons storehouse or the diamond storehouse, but some people say that you could pass through only with the ticket of (1), so the information is complicated …

In addition to (1), I also had a ticket to the arsenal, so I was able to pass without question. There was almost no line here, and I could enter in less than 5 minutes!



If you enter from the 2nd entrance and walk about 50 m, you will find the entrance to the arsenal, and beyond that, the entrance to the diamond store.


Right next to the diamond storehouse is the “barrier station” where you can show your ticket for (1) to the Uspenski Cathedral.

In this way, if you want to see either the armory or the diamond chamber together, it is recommended to enter from the second entrance and see them first!

Cathedral square and cathedral


Now, I used two tickets to see the armory and the Uspenski Cathedral. I was able to look around smoothly without waiting in line, but it took more than 3 hours to go around because of the vast Kremlin!




The churches in the square all feature the golden iconostasis of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Although women’s scarves are not a must in the Russian Orthodox Church, it may be better to avoid sleeveless clothes and flashy outfits as there are staff in various places and they keep a close eye on tourist manners.



The best places to see in the square are Uspenski Cathedral and Archangel Cathedral. Inside, there is a gorgeous space filled with large iconostasis and frescoes.

Is the cost performance of “Armoury Chamber” not good …?


Meanwhile, the Armoury Chamber, which I visited before, is not displaying weapons, but a collection of artifacts and art collected by the former Russian Empire. You can see gorgeous ornaments, carriages, throne, and Easter eggs, but unfortunately photography is prohibited inside.


The admission fee was as high as 1,000 RUB, so I expected it to be a spectacular interior, but the exhibition area itself is not so large and the cost performance is not good …。

The entrance fee for this Armoury Chamber was originally 500 RUB, but it became 2 times more in less than 1 year …


There is also a ticket office near the entrance of the Armoury Chamber, where you can buy tickets to the square where Uspenski Cathedral is located.

We can’t get into “Kremlin Palace”

Kremlin is best known for its gold-encrusted, ultra-luxurious corridors and the famous “Kremlin Palace” between Vladimir and the rest of the city.

You have to take a special tour in order to get in, but when you google it, you find a tour that looks like it on a site called “Russian Tour”! The price is quite expensive, but I think this one is worth seeing far more.

The site is also available in Japanese, so please check it out if you are interested.


On the other hand, the cathedrals and Armoury Chamber that I visited this time were not so good. … Although it is my personal opinion, I think the royal palaces in other countries are more luxurious, and I think it is the place that I should visit as a top priority. …

Kremlin’s report was a bit disappointing!

Moscow Kremlin Museums

  • Opening House:10:00~17:00(It depends on the facility. From 5/15 to the end of September, 9:30 ~ 18:00)
  • Website

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