Royal Opera House, Infiltrating a Beautiful Social Place! Check the Bar menu too!

I’ve been watching the ballet <<The Winter’s Tale>> at the Royal Opera House in London since my last article. It’s time for intermission, so I’d like to visit foyer.

When you go to a classical concert in Japan, most people spend their break time in the audience seats, but in the West, most people go to social places and the audience seats become empty, which is amazing. The original purpose is not to enjoy the program at the concert, but to make it “Tatemae” and to communicate with friends.

※This article was written before the virus scandal. This will be updated.

a social establishment for ladies and gentlemen “PAUL HAMLYN HALL”

After the break started, I followed the crowd and arrived at a place called “PAUL HAMLYN HALL”.

There was a large space on the ceiling of the atrium. It seems that this is not the inside of the opera house but the building next to it.

Even so, there are so many people! It was already 20: 30 but it is still light because it is before the summer solstice.

serious eater

There was a bar counter in the center of the venue, and there were people around it, and when I looked carefully, everyone was sitting at a table.

The table had a bottle of wine, a glass and the food …!? A little research shows that you can eat here if you make a reservation in advance. Can people who don’t watch the performance enter?

Even so, everyone is really eating. It was no longer just an intermission, there were bottles of wine open and dishes on the table. There may be many people who eat without watching ballet.

Certainly, from the price of the performance ticket, you can enter at least £6, so you don’t have to stick to a bad seat.

I only see white people among the customers. I have seen many blacks and Asians in the streets of London, but this is certainly a class society. It really shows.

Take a look at the Bar menu

If you look at the bar counter in the center of the venue, the meal is only “Snacks”. It seems that you need to order the dishes served at the surrounding tables separately.

Let’s look at the drink menu. Wine by the glass costs around 1,000 yen and champagne costs more than 2 times that. As for the bottle champagne, Dom Perignon 2004 is £200, and Krug Grand Cuvee, which is also served in ANA first class, is £350, almost double the market price. The sandwich and cheese plates cost around £10.

I had a white wine called Royal Opera House. The taste is so-so … I think it is as good as white wine which can be bought for 3,000 yen in Japan. As for the place to put empty glasses, by the time people came back to the seats together near the start of the performance, there were a lot of them at each counter, so basically you should give them to the person at the counter.


It’s time to go back to the audience. The world changes as soon as you enter the auditorium area (AUDITORIUM).

I found a place like this on the way. It says “CRUSH ROOM” and people are eating inside here too.

There are restaurants in this place, too. It says “The Winter’s Tale” so I don’t think I’ll always have the same menu. About £50 for 3 courses. Maybe the people here are not interested in watching ballet.

be beautiful at night with bright lights

Well, I visited during the second break. It was 21: 30, and it was getting dark.

In this way, the night is more beautiful! As might be expected, the number of people eating has decreased.

I think the number of people who order at the bar has increased instead. I went to the counter and ordered while being mobbed.

I’ll have cranberry juice (£3.1) this time. I was hoping for a rich, sweet and sour taste, but … it’s thin! It has little taste. I’m disappointed that the British taste for light flavor is so concentrated in such a place …!

By the way, there was water at the end of the hall, so anyone could drink it freely. I have experienced the importance of chaser firsthand, so this is a grateful service.

My impressions of <<The Winter’s Tale>>

The latest ballet “winter word” ends in a great success. For me, the content was quite sleepy …。 As I thought, the modern ballet of Hatsumono is not enough to read only 1 plot. You can’t enjoy it without a deep understanding of the contents.

ROYAL OPERA HOUSE, London’s opera house, was a social gathering place for the upper classes specializing in “place of exchange”. There is no particular luxury, but the elegant interior, worthy of the name “royal family”, is sure to make you feel elegant.

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