Barbican Hall in London, A carefree concert ! London Symphony Orchestra

This article reports on a concert held at Barbican Hall in London, England.

Barbican Hall is the home of the “London Symphony Orchestra” and concerts by the London Symphony are held mainly twice a week during the season.

How to arrange tickets

Tickets are available for purchase from the London Symphony Orchestra HP and can be downloaded after user registration by purchasing an e-ticket.

The seat I bought this time was not in the 1st category, but the ticket price was £29, which was extremely cheap! It is not a seat that is hard to see in the back, it is the sixth row from the front of the Orchestra. This is what it means to enjoy concerts easily in London.

It’s hard to find the entrance to Barbican Hall.

Barbican Hall is in the eastern part of London, slightly to the south, where City is the financial district. The hall is located in a comprehensive cultural facility called “Barbican Center”, but I was a little nervous because I couldn’t find an entrance to the hall because of the huge facility.

It’s only a 5-minute walk from the nearest station, Barbican, but the site is so huge that you don’t know where it’s coming from — as you can see in a satellite photo from …。 Google — that the buildings are connected by decks, and I wander the open roads that pass under them.

The hall entrance that I finally found is on the east side of the site. “Silk Street” was around the middle of the L-shaped curve. I went out with plenty of time, but it might be better to see the places I visit for the first time longer.

Check the rate of customers and formal attire

When you enter the entrance, there is a corridor with chic interior based on black. I got an impression like an international forum in Tokyo.

There is no ticket check at the entrance and the foyer is open so anyone can enter. The ticket counter, cafes, and foyers can be used without any restrictions, just like the Royal Festival Hall I mentioned before. This must be the British style.

The rate of customers wearing formal clothes is low. While middle-aged men often wear jackets, women tend to wear casual clothes. Especially young people were wearing jeans and polo shirts, and there were also young people with backpacks on their jackets.

At the Royal Opera House in London, where tickets cost more than £100, there were many ladies and gentlemen dressed in high class clothes, so the difference in the customer base is clearly shown by the ticket price.

Listen to the London Symphony

Then go to the audience entrance. This is where the first ticket check takes place. All you have to do to enter is to show the e-ticket with the barcode printed out.

The seats are not allowed to be photographed, but the large hall with a capacity of 1949 people had different seat colors depending on the bright wooden walls and columns, and the seats that spread wide from the stage had a sense of openness and I had a good impression.

And the program is free! It’s not as simple as a 40 page full-color booklet. The part of today’s program is monochrome printing, but it is amazing that it is firmly bound in a booklet, not sandwiched.

The seat is not a flip-up type but a sturdy chair. Both the seat pitch and the width of the front and back are wide enough to allow people to pass through while sitting.

The program of this day is Beethoven’s Vn. Concerto and Elgar’s Symphony No. 2.

The London Symphony Orchestra’s performance did not have much transparency in the sound of the strings, but it was an excellent performance with an exquisite balance and the sharp sound of the wind instruments.

The performance of Vn.soloist is light and not very slow, so I felt it was not enough to listen to it. But the technique was solid and the audience was excited.

social space during a break

It’s time for a break, so let’s take a look at the usual social places for European concerts.

At the bar table in foyer, the people who are enjoying conversation are mostly the older generation, and there are many young people who are sitting on the sofa and fiddling with their smartphones, which is not much different from Japan.

I found an ice cream shop in a corner of the foyer. When asked what kind of flavor they had, they found vanilla, chocolate and other standard flavors, as well as the “Ginger spice” flavor. There are six kinds in total.

I chose ginger spice. I believe the price is £3 …. Refreshing sweetness with orange-like flavor. Even though it is this size, the amount is quite large, and it is a satisfying dish.

In addition, I was able to drink water for free here.

An orchestra concert in London that can be enjoyed in casual clothes and at reasonable prices. Although not as expressive as the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the level of performance is high and may be the best environment for classical music lovers.

I would like to visit the Royal Festival Hall and listen to other programs next time. For more on London concerts, see the following article:.

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