LONDON COLISEUM Appreciation Report! English-focused Opera House

During his stay in London, he visited “London Coliseum”. “Colosseum” reminds me of an amphitheater in Italy, but it’s an authentic opera house. It was established in 1904 and is now the home of the English National Opera (English National Opera), performing night and day.

The ticket is cheaper than Royal Opera House, and you can enjoy it easily. This time, I will watch Gershwin’s “Porgy and Beth.” in this theater, and I recommend the works in English that I will watch in an English language country with high quality.

※This article was written before the virus scandal. This will be updated.

very close to the Royal Opera House

The London Coliseum is here. This area is a gathering place for various theaters and movie theaters, and there is Royal Opera House nearby. The nearest station is Charing Cross (5 minute walk).


It faces a narrow one-way street and is buried in a dense building, so it is difficult to see its appearance as an opera house, but there is a tower shaped like a lighthouse and the word “COLISEUM” can be seen on the top.


The entrance is near the center of the building. At night, a part of the building is lit up like illumination, but it is a little bit unfashionable …。 It is far from the prestigious Opera House.

Entrance, cloakroom, and pretty rough clothes?


When you enter, there is a simple baggage check first, and when you go through it, there is an entrance lobby. There is also a box office that handles tickets.


Please use the underground cloakroom for your backpack and coat. It is free of charge, but there was a plate to put a tip on, so I put 1 pound.


This time I came to the opera house in London, so I was dressed a little tight, but looking at the customers around me, the rate of dressing up was quite low. However, it is different from the casual clothes we Japanese think, so it might have been a good idea to wear a jacket.

Check the foyer and bar menu!


When you go through the entrance lobby, there is a foyer with a bar. Far from being a huge ballroom like the Royal Opera House, there is also a bar upstairs in the rather hectic …。 hall, both of which were crowded during the break!


Check out the bar’s menu: 1 glass of champagne is £13.5, Prosecco sparkling is £9, red, white and rose wines start at £6 and beer is £5.5 for 350 ml.

The price is not inferior to Royal Opera House, but there are very few kinds (Click here for the PDF of the menu.).



The light meal menu consists of sandwiches and snacks. There is also a set menu called “Picnic Boxes” which costs £20. According to the photo on the website, it seems to be served in a fine wooden box.


Other than that, I went to the bar upstairs and found that various nuts and beans were sold in packs for £2 to £3.5. You can drink chaser water for free.

the largest seat in London


Then finally to the audience! This London Colosseum has a flat floor and a three-story balcony. It looks like a very small theater, but it has a capacity of 2359! It’s one of the biggest theaters in London.


The auditorium, which is shaped like a horseshoe slightly longer than the stage, is certainly quite a large opera house. The audience seats on the flat floor are spacious with 2 passages and the width of the stage is about 24 m. The orchestra pit is also spacious.


Compared to the Royal Opera House, the glittering decoration is limited, but the shields, bronze statues, and massive marble pillars are decorated in various places, which is good!


The ceiling has a circular pattern with a small dome roof in the center. It has a calm color, and this is also very nice!

Seat map and seats, cheap top floor …?


The seat map of London Coliseum is here. Looking at it this way, it’s quite a grand audience! The vast Hiradoma (Stalls), which boasts a maximum of 42 seats in a row, is the original, and I am surprised that there are so many seats on each floor upstairs.


My seat this time was in the front row of the balcony on the top floor. The area is quite steep, but it’s still much gentler and better than the Opera House, which has five or six tiers.


The view of the stage was pretty good, and it was good that the distance to the stage was not so far although it was on the top floor! The ticket price was also pretty cheap and I was able to buy it for £20 even in the middle of the front row I chose!


Instead, the foot of the seat is narrow and the depth of the seat is extremely short, so you get tired after sitting for 30 minutes. Moreover, it is not a folding seat, which is rare for a concert hall, so it is difficult to let people pass in front of the seat.


Also, there is a bar like this in front of the front row, so your view is slightly blocked. Well, I think this is one of the reasons for the cheap seats, but it doesn’t bother me so much when I look over the stage, and I think it’s definitely better than a large person sitting in front of me on a flat floor.

Opera in English


Now, this program is “Porgy and Bess (Porgy and Beth.)” by G. Gershwin. It’s a musical style opera about the life of African-Americans, and one of the works of Gershwin in his later years.

It takes about 3 hours for 3 acts, but the first act and the second act will be held for almost 2 hours, so it is hard for those who watch it …。


However, the content is quite high level! As it is a work by an American, the role of the cast whose native language is English is perfect, and the singing voice and rhythm of the black singer are wonderful! The JAZZ idiom is woven into the unique Gershwin scale and rhythm.

This is the quality of English works you see in an English language country! Originally, this theater specialized in performing in English, and even Italian operas are translated into English.


The program is sold in the lobby for £6. It’s not a very good book, but it looks like this.

Purchase tickets from HP


Also, I bought the ticket for this performance on the website of English National Opera. Select a date and performance from Calendar on the top page.

You can reserve a seat, and if you pay by credit card after simple membership registration, an e-ticket with a bar code will be issued, so you don’t need to exchange it for a real ticket.


If you are looking for today’s tickets, go to the box office at the entrance lobby. However, even though the performance was not very popular this time, the vacancy rate was very low, so if you want to see it at a good seat, it is better to avoid buying it on the day.

This is the review report of the opera theater “London Coliseum” in London!

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