In-Flight Meals are Terrible! JAL Business Class BKK-HND Boarding Report

JAL business class on a flight from Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok, Thailand to Haneda, Tokyo. I was able to enjoy the delicious in-flight meal supervised by Chef Kuroki Jun on the way back under the “BEDD” brand, so I had a bit of expectation on the way back this time, but unfortunately it was turned upside down all at once. ・・・。

It was an amazing experience to see how different the quality of JAL’s in-flight meals are for outbound and inbound flights.

Seasoned shell flat sheet


After touring around the Cathay Pacific Airways Lounge and the Sakura Lounge at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, the flight will depart at 9:45 for Haneda Airport on JL032. When I arrived at the boarding gate 30 minutes before departure, priority boarding had already started.


The latest flight from Bangkok to Haneda is a B777-200. It is the second largest aircraft among JAL international flights, and in recent years, Sky-Suite has been adopted, but this flight is an old specification which has not been repaired.


Therefore, the sheet is “Shell flat sheet”. This is a seat far in front of the Shell Flat Neo I took on the outward flight from Narita to Bangkok. The array consists of 7 columns of 2-3-2.


Since it is the predecessor of “Neo”, they are very similar in appearance, but as you might expect, they are quite old. The seat width and foot space are a little narrower than Neo.


The bed position is a 170 degree lifeline. This was still the most advanced equipment at the time, but it was too slippery and narrower than “Neo”, so it might be hard to sleep with it. …

How to make a rough meal menu …


The design of the cover of the meal was the same as the one on the first flight, but there was a clear difference in the contents. First of all, there are no pictures of dishes, and the display method is simple and the arrangement of letters is rough. For that reason, the number of pages on the menu list was small and it was thin, and there was no collaboration with the chef about the food like on the way.


Judging from this, the difference between coming from Japan and arriving in Japan is obvious. Unlike late night flights, this is not a flight with less demand for in-flight food, so I don’t think there is a need to change it so much though it is “homeward path” …

5 small appetizers that didn’t meet your expectations


I chose Japanese food again this time. Although there is no special collaboration with the chef, it is the same as a course meal, and it is served in the order of appetizer side dish → monthly dish → dessert. The details of the small bowl are as follows, and I had rice replaced with bread this time as well.

  • Dried persimmon・served with crab meat and black soybeans
  • Conger Eel and Cabbage Rolls, Spinach in Broth
  • Deep-fried prawn dumplings
  • Fried Eggplant Stewed in Broth/Chicken Jibu Stew
  • Fukusayaki, soft boiled octopus, deep-fried taro, simmered shimeji mushrooms, konnyaku with a bit of spice, chestnut in syrup




All of the dishes are well named, but the egg doesn’t taste, the taro is hard and tasteless, and the others are just ordinary “Simmered vegetables”, so there is no special deliciousness. It looks lonesome compared to the menu of chef Kuroki on the way. …


The level of bread is also below the middle. They are heated, and the long and thin bread has lumps inside and is fragrant, but neither bread is delicious.

“Beef Sukiyaki” is the school lunch level …


Next is the main “stand”. The September menu is “Beef Sukiyaki”. It was supposed to be replaced with bread, but it came with rice …


The seasoning was decent, but the meat was dry! No Taste oozes out when you chew or chew, just causing dryness in your mouth. And yet, this heaping portion of meat … is a good example of just how much it outweighs the quality. The chef Kuroki’s melt-in-your-mouth beef that I ate on the way here is really the difference between heaven and earth!


In such a situation, the miso soup which is not very seasoned tastes good. Miso soup with dried okra and pickles.

The only delicious dessert and coffee


The only thing that was delicious was this dessert and coffee while the in-flight meal was disappointing. While the in-flight meal was not a collaboration with the chef, the coffee was selected with the same special concept of “JAL CAFE LINES” as on the way. Maybe I should have added it by chance (Or maybe it’s after a disappointing in-flight meal …), but I found this coffee especially delicious.


The dessert is “Mango mousse”. The menu is the same for Japanese and Western food. I usually don’t like mango because it has a unique smell, but this one doesn’t have that strong taste at all and has a rich and mild texture. Delicious mousse with just the right amount of sweetness.

The cheese selection is terrible …


I was relieved to eat a delicious dessert for a while, but this is the last “Cheese Selection” I ordered! What is this? A really lonesome plate with 2+1 small pieces of cheese and 4 crackers to make up for it …


The taste is normal. It is the cheese level of Japanese supermarket. If I were to call myself … “Selection”, which has no scent and no lingering flavor, I would like to be able to select several more delicious cheeses.

The difference between going and returning is great …



I experienced JAL business class in-flight meal from Bangkok to Haneda, but compared to the delicious collaborative food of Chef Kuroki on the way, I wonder if they are really the same airline. There was a big difference in the taste of JAL economy class in-flight meals on the Singapore Line before, and I was amazed at JAL’s lack of motivation to return (arrival in Japan) .

The in-flight meal is the only thing that expresses the feeling of “hospitality” on a flight. I don’t think I want to use it again even if I receive such treatment. It was JAL business class in-flight meal report that I want you to change your way of thinking. The in-flight meal report I ate on my way home is here → Chef Kuroki’s Japanese food is delicious! JAL Business Class In-flight Meals 2017 Autumn Menu

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