The Taste of JAL First Class In-Flight Meal, Fumiko Japanese and Western Food and “Gokujo Mori Izo”!

This is JAL first class boarding for London. This time I will report super premium shochu “Gokujyo Mori Izo” in addition to the 2nd a la carte menu!

※This article was written before the virus scandal. This will be updated.

incomplete meal-ordering system

For first-class (Business Class) in-flight meals, you can order whatever you like after the 1st meal, but if you don’t order by the last order (Arrival 1:30), the 2nd meal won’t be served no matter how long it takes.

JALファーストクラス搭乗記 (12)

The style of ordering meals is to order from the controller at hand, but it seems that this system is not completed yet, and I have never seen a case where I could use it perfectly in reading other people’s blogs.

JALファーストクラス搭乗記 (11)

When I boarded the same business class last year, CA said that most of the meals were “sold-out” on the controller, but when I asked, CA said “There is still a lot left.”, so I decided not to use it this time again. Well, since it’s first class with only 8 people, it’s easy to talk to Mr. CA, so there should be no problem.

It’s super delicious! “best” Mori Izo

JALファーストクラス搭乗記 (10)

Then I’ll order a drink first. It was the same when I had my first meal, but I order only high-class alcohol that I can only drink in first class.

The 2nd meal is served with “Long-term Cave Matured Sake Gokujyo Mori Izo”.

This shochu is one of the premium “Mori Izo” and is priced as high as ¥20,000 on Amazon. I was looking forward to this top-class sake because the regular Mori-Izo I had in the first class domestic flight was delicious.

JALファーストクラス搭乗記 (14)

As I expected, it’s super delicious! Compared to the normal Mori Izo, the smell is removed, and the lingering flavor and deep taste remain even with mild and sweet tsuma. It is the best among Shochu I have ever drunk (I don’t usually drink shochu, but …). I saw the person sitting next to me ordering this many times. Unfortunately, in my case, SALON in the first half cursed me, and I enjoyed the meal with this drink.

JALファーストクラス搭乗記 (1)

Come to think of it, it seems that the in-flight sales of the normal Mori Izo resumed for a limited time, and I also bought one. I’m happy because I couldn’t compete with them when I boarded last fall.

The monthly production of 1000 bottles of premium sake was 16,000 yen on Amazon. I can’t believe I can buy this for 2,880 yen. However, if I were to pay 16000 yen for this, I would buy “Long-Term Cave Matured Sake Premium” for 20,000 yen.

Fumiko’s Western and Japanese Cuisine

JALファーストクラス搭乗記 (16)

I ordered “Fumiko’s Western Cuisine” for the meal. This is a menu that can be eaten in business class, but I remembered that it was very delicious when I went to Helsinki last year, so I ordered it.

JALファーストクラス搭乗記 (18)

“Slightly Sweet Conte Cheese Fran”

Rich cheese with a light texture. It is very delicious and melts quickly in your mouth. There seems to be no mistake in selecting the “Fumiko” menu again this time.

JALファーストクラス搭乗記 (17)

The western side dish is “Asparagus, shrimp and grapefruit salad”.

The sweetness and sourness of the fruits are exquisite, and it goes well with food.

JALファーストクラス搭乗記 (15)

And Maison Kaiser bread. For some reason, it is warmer and more delicious than the first meal. The first meal was also Maison Kaiser bread, so the taste might change depending on how you warm it up.

JALファーストクラス搭乗記 (20)

Next, “Fumiko’s Japanese Food”. However, I get full with rice, so I’ll just have the main dish “Black Japanese Beef Filet with Brown Sugar Flavored Fruit Tomatoes in White Miso Sauce, Mozzarella and Salted Sakura”.

It is so tender that it melts in your mouth. It is much more delicious than the first Japanese beef. A fruit tomato is sweet and looks like a fruit, and it is a must if you don’t eat it in business class.

First class limited a la carte menu

JALファーストクラス搭乗記 (23)

After that, I will order the first class limited one. “Smoked Additive-free Scallop” has 3 thick scallops and is juicy and delicious!

JALファーストクラス搭乗記 (24)

And “Western appetizer”

JALファーストクラス搭乗記 (25)JALファーストクラス搭乗記 (26)JALファーストクラス搭乗記 (27)

This is not to be tasted, but it is completely a side dish for sake. Even I, who dislike liver, could eat the “Liver paste eclairs” in the middle, but it was not delicious. The one on the far right “Bourgogne style abalone” is quite heavy even though it’s small, and it’s a bit filling.

JALファーストクラス搭乗記 (28)

Dessert to refresh your palate! The taste of “Kake, Dainagon” doesn’t come out right after I put it in my mouth, but strangely, after a while, the flavor of Dainagon spreads and its aftertaste lasts for a long time. Even though it is small, it is condensed and filling, and it is very delicious.

Authentic French Pressed Coffee

JALファーストクラス搭乗記 (30)

Finally, coffee, please. The coffee served in business class last year was disappointing for its thin flavor, but how about this time …

JALファーストクラス搭乗記 (31)

It was pressed by a special press, and when the hourglass fell down, please push it and pour. This is the first time I’ve had a French pressed coffee like this.

JALファーストクラス搭乗記 (32)

The taste is good. I prefer milk, but black has less bitterness and mellowness. Of course, adding milk reduces the black sour taste and makes it more delicious. It is delicious and doesn’t look thin even with milk.

JALファーストクラス搭乗記 (29)

By the way, if you order “Chocolat”, a box of chocolate will be served. The chocolate had an elegant taste and was delicious, but it was like someone gave it to me as a gift …?

ファーストクラスアメニティ (1)ファーストクラスアメニティ (2)

In addition, all the relaxation wear and amenity kits you can get on the plane are taken away without using them. The eco bags I brought with me, including Mori Izo, are all gone!

JALファーストクラス搭乗記 (8)

It is a short time after a meal, but we take a rest with a seat as a bed. Caffeine in “Royal Blue tea” (?) I don’t feel sleepy at all, but the night in London near the summer solstice is long, so I need to recover my strength.

first class advantage

JALファーストクラス搭乗記 (33)

Even so, 12 and a half hours is certainly long. I think so, even if you’re in first class, so it would be even worse for people on this fully booked economy flight. It was a moment when I was glad that I accumulated miles again.

JALファーストクラス搭乗記 (34)

Furthermore, many people have to wait in line for the next two hours of immigration. First class passengers will receive a special ticket to use the “Fast lane” but I would like to write about this in a separate article.

JALファーストクラス搭乗記 (37)

Landing at Heathrow Airport was smooth without being bothered by the famous overhead turn waiting for runway incursion, but the arrival time was about 2-3 minutes behind schedule. The “regular time” for international flights has plenty of time, but I wonder if it depends on the season.

JALファーストクラス搭乗記 (38)

Of course, when I was asked if I would like to travel first class again, I would answer “Yes”, but I feel that I saw the limit of the quality of service of JAL on this flight, including in-flight meals.

I think that JAL’s first class does not necessarily meet the needs of ordinary people like us who want luxury, service and cost performance, unlike the wealthy who simply want “time for reading”.

In the future, I would like to take on new challenges, such as the low-cost business class of “Middle East Airlines” which is famous for its luxurious service, rather than the JAL first class which has 160,000 miles round trip. Thank you for your attention.

“JAL First Class boarding from Haneda to London”

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