Birthday Surprise at JAL FIRST CLASS! In-flight Meal Report (Haneda to London)

Continuing from the last time, we are sending the JAL first class boarding record. Following Champagne SALON, in-flight meals will start!

※This article was written before the virus scandal. This will be updated.

Advance reservation of in-flight meals

By the way, first class in-flight meals can be reserved in advance, but I had reserved in advance because I was afraid that what I wanted to eat might be sold out in anticipation of full seats.

The way to make a reservation is simple. If you enter from the inquiry form page on JAL’s website and send it with “Reservation for first class in-flight meal” as the subject, you will see an entry form for the flight number and name, so you will write your specific request there.

機内食予約 問合せ

In my case, I wanted to have “Western-style Beef”, and on the day I sent them saying that I wanted to eat “Fish” if possible, but they prepared 2 kinds in advance.


I really wanted to eat several kinds of “appetizer”, but … I shouldn’t be so selfish.

Amuse bouche

JALファーストクラス機内食 (11)

Let’s get back to the main topic.

JALファーストクラス機内食 (12)

All of them are elaborate as creative dishes. It’s salty and goes well with champagne.

JALファーストクラス機内食 (14)

This is a stylish accent for a place like this.

JALファーストクラス機内食 (17)

And Amuse Bouche’s “Sweet Shrimp Tartar and Cold Green Pea Cream”

This green sauce is pretty fishy. It is true that the flavor of the ingredients comes out, but even I who like green peas have wrinkles between my eyebrows.

JALファーストクラス機内食 (19)

I am told to mix it well before eating, but it is hard to eat only the green part.

Bread and Appetizer

JALファーストクラス機内食 (20)

You can choose from 4 kinds of bread. Of course you can have more! Personally, I prefer to eat it with olive oil and salt rather than butter. Last year I boarded a “Narita → Helsinki” business class flight that served chilled and chilled bread, but as expected this was already warm. As for the level of taste, I think it is normal bread ….

JALファーストクラス機内食 (21)

followed by an appetizer “Served with fresh white asparagus along with caviar and snow crab”

Even though it is a high-class ingredient, if you eat “delicacy” as it is, it smells fishy, so you put it on bread. The snow crab has a fresh texture and is good!

main meat dish

JALファーストクラス機内食 (22)

And the first main dish, “Japanese beef filet & morilles with mushroom & greens paragus etube”

JALファーストクラス機内食 (23)

Well-done. This slight redness indicates the perfect baking condition. It’s soft and tastes good. It’s a far cry from the meat dish I had in business class before. However, it is a little disappointing that it is not hot …, and this may be the limit for in-flight meals.

Even though the asparagus is not at the tip, it doesn’t feel fibrous and you can feel the high quality when it bites off.

Wine is not all luxury


Now, I’ll order red wine to go with the main meat dish. If you look at the wine list, you’ll see all the fancy names, but when you actually look at them, they’re definitely not!

月を待つ 2015 ココ・ファーム・ワイナリー 日本 白ワイン 750ml【取り寄せ:8月中旬入荷予定】

Red wines like Chateau de Fieuzal 2009 and Volnay 1 er cru “En Chevret” 2010 cost around 5,000 yen, while white wines like Here Comes The Moon 2014 cost around 3,000 yen. I can’t afford to drink this in first class.

JALファーストクラス機内食 (24)

The finest red wine on the list, I’ll take this KUSUDA Martinborohgh Syrah 2013. The price of the bottle is around 10,000 yen at Rakuten. The taste was refreshing, but I felt that it came out smoothly from my nose when I started drinking.

main dish of fish

JALファーストクラス機内食 (25)

Next, fish dishes “Wrap it with the flat fish and mousse then steam it.”

JALファーストクラス機内食 (28)

It is delicious, but I feel that the plain taste of white fish comes out as it is. If I’m not careful, I can even feel the dry texture, and I can’t move my chopsticks much … Of course I ate it all!

JALファーストクラス機内食 (26)

I’ll have white wine to go with my fish here. Of course, the most expensive one, CHASSAGNE-MONTRACHET1ER CRU “LES” MACHERELLES “2012” is from ¥9,500 to ¥12,500.

JALファーストクラス機内食 (29)

It is a very rich white wine with a strong aroma. It was the perfect wine for the plain flat mousse.

High-quality champagne tasting

JALファーストクラス機内食 (30)

After that, I can drink more. I will take the champagne Taittinger Comtes de Bhampagne Blanc de Blancs 2006, separate from “Salon”. The bottle costs around 11,500 yen.

JALファーストクラス機内食 (31)

I will drink and compare this with SALON 2004! The saloon had a sharper taste and a longer afterglow. But that’s the difference …

Birthday Surprise for Dessert!

JALファーストクラス機内食 (32)

I had a Japanese dessert “Roppongi pudding” if possible before a Western dessert.

JALファーストクラス機内食 (33)

It’s so soft and smooth! When I imagine the Putchin Pudding in a supermarket, I feel it is completely different food. It’s more like whipped cream than pudding!

Then, the dessert of the main topic was brought, but the chief came with us and …

JALファーストクラス機内食 (34)

Birthday Surprise! I received it with a heartwarming message card because my birthday is near. Well, it’s not a lucky design, but …

JALファーストクラス機内食 (36)

“Kamiyacho Blend Tiramisu”

The contents are sherbet like ice candy and cream. The taste was surprisingly light, and I didn’t leave much impression.

First in-flight meal review

As for the first meal in JAL first class, I thought it would be better if there was a little more gorgeous presentation. To be honest, I wanted them to add another twist to the taste.

JALファーストクラス機内食 (18)

The difference from business class is service. They serve drinks as soon as they run out, and take away empty plates as soon as possible. All of the 8 seats were full, but I didn’t get the impression that the serving was delayed and it was smooth, and it was clearly different from business.

JALファーストクラス機内食 (3)

Also, it was good that SALON, which I was a little worried about, was not out of stock. If all the heavy drinkers are fully booked, they will be sold out soon.

The party is in full swing, and next time I will report the a la carte menu that I had for the second meal.

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