“Hai Phong Cathedral”, French Architecture in Vietnam is Beautiful!

This time, I would like to introduce “Hai Phong Cathedral” among the French architecture I visited in Hai Phong, Vietnam, just like yesterday!

Unlike the Hai Phong Opera House, anyone can enter here easily, and admission is free! The unique design of this country, which gives a glimpse of Vietnamese taste in the refined French architecture, was quite beautiful!

Location and business hours

Here is the Hai Phong Cathedral. It is about 1 km away from Hai Phong Station, about 15 minutes on foot.


a church marked by grey exterior walls and a reddish-brown galvanized roof. There is a square in front of the church, and there are a few decorations such as bronze statues.

In this way, it looks like a typical western church with a tall tower, but this temple is not integrated with the main body of the church, and is characterized by its distance.


The entrance is from the back gate on the side of the church facing the square. Business hours are 5:30 ~ 18:00. I searched the website of the church, but I couldn’t find it. It was a visit with few information sources.

a one-floor auditorium


The inside has a simple one-floor structure. The chandelier is small and it doesn’t look like a western church, but it has a refined layout and a unique beauty!


However, it is a pity that there is no pipe organ …。 There seems to be an organ on the upper floor of the front entrance of the church, but it was a small organ which seems to be in the classroom of the junior high school.


A painting and stained glass that seems to depict Christ on the side. There are many fans installed in churches in tropical countries, but there are no ceiling fans like those in churches in Singapore.

Beautiful altar and stained glass


The most beautiful thing in this church was this altar! With a bronze statue of the Virgin Mary at the head, a gold border and red coloring are used as the base. The symmetrical stained glass on the back is also nice.


Most of the stained glass in the church has a floral design, but only the stained glass near the altar has a portrait.


The golden stage near the altar is also unique! Although it is a French building, I feel like I can see the Vietnamese atmosphere everywhere.

Can I come to cool down?


The western churches I have seen in Singapore and Malaysia to date have a distinctly Southeast Asian feel, but I felt that the Hai Phong Cathedral here had a beauty that was never inferior to that of its European counterpart.

There is no gorgeous decoration or gorgeous pipe organ, but the sophisticated design is worth seeing.


However, there is no air conditioner in the church, so you might be disappointed if you visit to cool down. If you want to cool down, you should go to a cafe in a shopping center.

Here’s what the Hai Phong Cathedral looked like! Regarding the western architecture of Hai Phong, please see yesterday’s article as well → Tourist spot of Hai Phong in Vietnam! Tour the French Architecture (Opera houses, post offices, churches, etc.)

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