Finnair BUSINESS CLASS Boarding! Between Helsinki and Warsaw (European Domestic Flights)

In this issue, I would like to introduce you to the Finnair Business Class trip from <<Helsinki Airport>> in Finland to <<Warsaw F. Chopin Airport>> in Poland (round trip).

Even if it’s business class, you can’t expect much service because it’s a European domestic flight. Particularly in Finnair, on routes connecting Poland, Sweden and Norway, which are not far from Finland, the use of small aircraft has made the in-flight meal simpler. Even on domestic routes under the Schengen Agreement, this service is often “the degree to which hair grows” for economy class passengers, compared to the Paris and London routes.

※This article was written before the virus scandal. This will be updated.

Helsinki – Warsaw

Finnair Businessclass Warszawa (2)

Let’s start with Helsinki to Warsaw. The equipment for the day was E190.

Finnair Businessclass Warszawa (11)

The seats are exactly the same as economy class, 2 + 2, four row seats. On major routes to distant places, such as the Paris Line, there are 6 row seats of 3 + 3, and 4 people are seated in 1 row without using the middle seat, but on the E 190, all 4 seats are allocated.

Therefore, if the flight was full, I could not avoid interfering with the seats next to me, and I could not dare to sink the plane I took this time.

Finnair Businessclass Warszawa (12)

There is no difference between the seats, but the boundary between economy class and economy class is divided by a curtain. The position of this curtain fluctuated depending on the number of passengers in business class, and on this day, the first five columns were allocated as business class.

in-flight meal

Finnair Businessclass Warszawa 機内食 (1)

Now, the long-awaited in-flight meal service has started. The menu consists of vegetable salad, bread (Selectable from Basket) and dessert (Tiramisu).

The contents are poor, but it comes out with ceramic dishes and glasses of iittala. The champagne is the same “Nicolas Feuillatte” (Market price ¥3,000) that is served in the Finnair Lounge. However, salad and bread alone is enough to feed little birds …。 I researched this in advance, and it was the right thing to eat curry and other food that was filling my stomach at the lounge before boarding.


By the way, this is an economy class in-flight meal from Helsinki to Frankfurt. Although it was a disposable paper container, meat dishes (Chicken) were included, and it was quite filling. Even if the distance is as close as Germany, since this much is offered in economy class, I would like them to include a little more side dish menu even in close business class.

Warsaw → Helsinki

Now, on the return journey (Warsaw → Helsinki), a smaller E170 than the E190 was addressed.

Finnair Businessclass Warszawa (7)

The sheet is 2 + 2. Two rows in the front were allocated for business class, but only three of the eight seats were occupied, including me, and the seats next to each other became available.

in-flight meal

Finnair Businessclass Warszawa 機内食 (2)

Here’s your meal. It is just sprinkled with a small amount of vegetables that cannot be called salad (?). The main dish is pie crust with meat and mushrooms, and the dessert is GODIVA chocolate.

Finnair Businessclass Warszawa 機内食 (3)

It looked like “This is it!?” but the main dish was quite filling and filling. The taste is also good.

Finnair Businessclass Warszawa 機内食 (4)

This is much more delicious than the tiramisu on the way. It is a blissful tea time with coffee.

the curtain of the partition was open

Finnair Businessclass Warszawa (8)

By the way, regarding the curtain as a divider with economy class, even the passageway was usually blocked during stable flights, but it was always open from Warsaw to Helsinki.

Finnair Businessclass Warszawa (9)

The reason is that there is no toilet in front of the plane. Business class passengers also had to go to the back of the plane to use the toilet, so the curtains were open. At E190 on the way, there was one in front, so the E170 was made for a very short distance. It’s not a big deal, but I feel like I’ve lost a little.

Is Near Business Class Worth It?

CA kept smiling all the time, and I would like to use it again, but the round-trip fare from Helsinki to Warsaw is €168 for an economy class, and €1319 for a business class, so I don’t think many people use it unless it’s an award ticket or company expense.

It goes without saying that both Helsinki and Warsaw airports, despite the long line of economy class counters, leisurely checked in and proceeded to the security check and lounge, but even taking that into account, it would be far from worth 200,000 yen.

Anyway, it is Helsinki Airport which is easy to transfer and Finnair which is known for its service, so I would like to use it again next time. This is the boarding record for Finnair Business Class (Between Helsinki and Warsaw).

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