A Convenient 5-Star Hotel Directly Connected to the Station in Kuala Lumpur! Double tree by Hilton

This is a report on the hotel I stayed at “Doubletree Baillington Kuala Lumpur” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is a 5 star hotel of the world famous “Hilton” brand, but the surprisingly cheap accommodation is also the charm of Malaysia! This time, I would like to see “deluxe room” which is a little high grade.

Ampang Park is connected to Ampang Park station.

The nearest station to the “Doubletree Baillington Kuala Lumpur” hotel is Anpanpark Station on the Clana Jaya Line.

It takes about 15 minutes from KL Central. It’s a little far, but it’s next to KLCC with Petronas Twin Towers, so it’s convenient for sightseeing.


When you get out of the ticket gate at Anpan Park Station, go up the escalator on the left to get to the exit. It takes less than 5 minutes to walk from here to the hotel.



The hotel is on the other side of the road across the intersection, and there is a pedestrian bridge to the entrance of the hotel. It has an escalator, so it’s easy to carry in your suitcase, and since it has a roof, you won’t get wet even if it rains.

Through the SC to the reception


There is an entrance to the building at the end of the pedestrian overpass, so you go straight. It is directly connected to the hotel reception from here, but it may be closed late at night, so you can use the stairs or elevator next to it to go down to the first floor and enter from the main entrance.



This is a shopping center called “Intermark Mall” and there are several shops along the way to the hotel reception. But there are many stores where it is relatively expensive. For example, in this SPORTS DIRECT, 1 pair of socks was 49 MYR (≠ 1,300 yen) ~ and it was very expensive!


As you go further into the SC, you will see the hotel reception. The reception was generally good, and when I stayed there, I forgot to return the credit card I had paid for the deposit, but they noticed later and returned it properly, so there was no problem. The lobby is spacious, and the high-class atmosphere is just what you’d expect from Hilton group.

Deluxe room with “corner room”


There are three grades of this hotel, Guest Room/Suite/Executive Room, and among them, a large corner room is assigned as Deluxe Room. I was able to stay in the deluxe room without any additional charge this time!



The difference from a standard room is the space around the entrance. Because it is located in a corner room, even the corridor part is included in the occupied area, so it is larger than other rooms.



The rest of the bed is the same as the standard one, but the bed is king size and spacious, and the hardness is just right, and it is comfortable to sleep in! There was no problem with the cleanliness, and changing the bed sheets and replenishing the welcome drink were carried out without delay every day.

Shower room and view


The shower room is often covered with Al Al glass in foreign hotels! But you can hide it in a partition, so it’s safe to stay in pairs.


No bathtub. However, it was easy to work in a large space, there was no problem with drainage, and there was no unpleasant drain odor.



Other than that, the view from the room is like this. Since it is located on the east side, it is on the opposite side of the urban area where there are Petronas Twin Towers, etc., but I could see the sunrise from the mountain well!

On the other hand, there are many buildings in the room on the urban side, so I don’t think you can see the twin towers well even on the other side.

About 9,000 yen for 1 night

This stay is 9,000 yen per 1 night by HIS. In addition to the free upgrade from the standard room to the deluxe room, late checkout until 18 o’clock on the last day was free, so it was a very reasonable plan.


After a few years, I thought the price was a little higher now, but when I looked at the price of Expedia in the same period, it was almost the same! 9,000 yen for 1 night in a hotel in Malaysia is not cheap at all, but considering that you can stay in a beautiful and convenient 5 star hotel directly connected to the station that won’t get wet even if it rains, it is a price that you can’t imagine in other countries.

The hotel “double tree by Hilton” in Kuala Lumpur reported the above!

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