Report! Moskovsky Station “BUSINESS LOUNGE” Saint Petersburg

Continuing from the previous report, I would like to report from Moskovsky Station in St. Petersburg on this visit to the “Business Lounge” where advanced class passengers can enter, and on the inside of the building and how to use it.

For more information about the facilities and access to Moskovsky Station, please refer to the previous article → From [Moskovsky railway station] take the Trans-Siberian Railway! Checking facilities in the station

Lounge location and terms of use


The business lounge at Moskovsky Station is located next to Platform 6. There is an entrance on the way to platform 7 ~ 11 from the main concourse. It is very difficult to find the place without much guidance, but this is common in Russia.

The official website of Russian Railways (Trans-Siberian Railway) doesn’t mention the conditions for using the lounge either, but according to a Russian travel site called “” it is as follows.

  • Open 24 hours
  • The fee is 350 RUB for the first 1 hour, then 200 RUB for every 1 hour thereafter.
  • Advanced class passengers (first business) are free of charge 1 hour before train departure and 1 hour after train arrival.

I don’t know up to what class it covers on Russian Railways, but I think it’s probably available for free if it’s a deluxe car on a night flight or a business class or above on the Sapusan (Velaro RUS). It is nice that you can use it for around 550 yen even if you are not an advanced class user!

the entrance is locked


Also, the entrance door of the lounge is locked, so you need to push the doorbell next to the door and have them open the door.

Probably, for security reasons, the staff will check the customer’s condition before unlocking the door, but I was worried because there was no description of that at …


On the other hand, when you go out from the lounge, you can unlock by pressing the unlock button next to the door. Russia is the only country that is so nervous about crime prevention.


There is a reception on the right side in front of you. When I presented the 23:30 Express Deluxe Class ticket, it was carefully checked and OK! I still had 5 minutes until 1 hour before departure, but I was able to use it for free without being told anything.


The staff was very courteous, explained the facilities in the lounge in detail, and finally gave us a piece of paper with the Wi-Fi password.

Open lounge, stylish interior!


The lounge is an open space with a high ceiling and has several sofa areas partitioned by stone paved passages. The number of seats is roughly 40, but it is very spacious because it takes up a lot of space.


The interior is decorated with large windows on old-fashioned red brick walls. The small lamp type lighting and green ornamental plants are good accents, and the interior is quite stylish and good!



The brown sofa has outlets. There is also a kid’s space in the corner separated by partitions.


At that time, there was only one western couple other than me, and it was rattling and comfortable all the time! The air conditioner is working and it is cool, and it is very different from the outside waiting room which is dark and humid!


The toilet is located in the back of the lounge. There is no shower.

Do you have a snack service?


There is a water server and a coffee machine in the lounge, so you can drink freely. The water doesn’t smell and is easy to drink, and it is moderately cold so it is perfect to moisturize your throat!


Other than that, there is no light meal service, but I found a counter near the entrance where a buffet might be placed. There is also a cool and warm room at the foot, and it has an atmosphere of sandwiches.


There is a dining style seat right next to it, so maybe light meals are served depending on the time. It would be great if at least wine and snacks were always available.

Even if it is not an advanced class, it is very useful!


That’s why I used the business lounge at Moskovsky station, and it was comfortable with stylish interior in the open space! Even if it is not an advanced class, I can use it for about 550 yen, so I felt that the value of using it is high even if I pay for it if the waiting time is long.


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