BAYERISCHE STAATSOPER, Ticket Reservation and Release Date, Luxurious Interior is a Must-see!

“Bayerische Staatsoper” the opera house in Munich, Germany. In this issue, I would like to report on how to purchase tickets for opera performances, how to access the venue, and the beautiful foyer inside.

One of the most prestigious opera houses in Germany, the luxurious interior is splendid! This is a recommended spot for those who are not familiar with music!

※This article was written before the virus scandal. This will be updated.

facade like a Greek temple

Bayerische Staatsoper is located here, just north of Old Munich. It is a prestigious area where royal palace facilities such as residences line up.


From Central Station, take tram 19 and get off at National theater, then the Opera House is right in front of you. It takes about 10 minutes.


a facade like a Greek temple. What a dignified appearance! I’ve seen a lot of opera houses, but this is the most dignified building I’ve ever seen!

According to the documents, this National Opera House was built in 1818, so this year is the 200 year anniversary.

Tickets are available on the official website.

munich-opera (1)

As for this opera performance ticket, I made a reservation and purchased it from the official website as usual. When you press Schedule from the top page, the page of the performance calendar comes up, so you select the desired performance after selecting the desired month.

Tickets are sold three months in advance for regular performances.


You can choose your seat precisely from the seat map, so you don’t have to worry! The ticket price is not bourgeois like Vienna’s National Opera, and there are many reasonably priced seats.


After you pay by credit card, you will not be issued an e-ticket, but a confirmation that says “Confirmation”. You need to take this with you on the day and exchange it for a real ticket at the ticket office.


The ticket office is located at the far right end of the corridor, just inside the entrance in front of the Opera House. It’s a little hard to find, but when I asked a staff standing nearby, he kindly told me!


The exchange is complete! There is a mark of a smartphone with an X mark on it, so you can’t scan it and put it in your smartphone to use.

entrance hall


Now, when you enter the front entrance, the first one is the entrance hall. It leads to the audience seats on each floor around here. In the case of Hiradoma seats, you go to the back of this floor, and in the case of upstairs, you go up the stairs on both sides.


When you look up to the upper floor from this lobby, you can catch a glimpse of a gorgeous chandelier! The big staircase like Garnier in Paris is good, but this kind of peek is also good.

This place seems to be a bit of a photo spot, so I saw some people getting their pictures taken by the staff.


If you go straight to the front without climbing the stairs, there is an information counter. Purchase programs here. * I think there was a charge for the program, but I forgot to write down the price and I don’t remember how much it was …。

The royal foyer is beautiful!


When you go up the stairs from the entrance lobby, the world changes completely! What a gorgeous world of royal palace! There was also a cocktail table, and during the break time there were ladies and gentlemen, with wine in hand.


Several rooms are connected through this floor and corridor. All of them have gold-rimmed doors, gorgeous chandeliers, and a very elegant world!


A chandelier that looks like it is studded with jewels! It doesn’t have much of the plastic feel of royal palaces in other countries, but instead has a shiny crystal glass (? ) is so beautiful!


You can enter the auditorium about 30 minutes before the curtain time, but you can enter the foyer 1 hour before the curtain time, so you should come early and enjoy the show! Also, you can join a guided tour, so if you are interested, please visit the official website.

That’s why I will report to the audience next time!

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