Learn More about the Bayerische Staatsoper! Seat MAP and Gorgeous Chandeliers!

Continuing from the last time, I would like to report in detail from the Opera House “Bayerische Staatsoper” in Munich, Germany, about the situation and the view of the audience with a seat map this time! The auditorium in the audience seats is nice as well as the beautiful foyer like a royal palace! Especially the huge chandelier on the ceiling is a must-see!

※This article was written before the virus scandal. This will be updated.

Seats and seat map


Then, finally to the audience! Entrance to the Opera House is 1 hour before the opening of the performance, and entrance to the audience is 30 minutes before the opening of the performance. On this day, we had to wait until 25 minutes because it took time to prepare.


The auditorium is structured like a typical opera house with “horseshoe shape”. The showiness is limited, but it has a refined beauty!


If you look at the seat map, you can see that this opera house has five levels of balcony seats in addition to the flat dirt floor. With a capacity of 2101, it is one of the largest opera houses in Europe.


The balcony seats rise up like a precipitous cliff! It is a very powerful view from below and from above!

The box seats in the center are VIP seats called “Mittelloge”. According to the above sheet map, this place is also in the 1st category as well as Hiradoma, but depending on the performance, it may not be designated by the general public.


On the other hand, Hiradoma seats (Parkett) are arranged in an unusual way without a passage in the center. The stage looks better in the center, but it will be hard to get in and out.


Also, the overhang of the upper floor is larger than expected, and even in the Hiradoma seats, the sound of the seats on both sides and in the back is likely to be very limited. Even in the …。 1st category, I think it’s better not to go too far to the edge.

The electric chandelier is amazing!


On the other hand, if you look at the ceiling, you will see a gorgeous chandelier! The design is similar to the one in the foyer, but the size is amazing! It’s probably more than 10 meters in diameter.


What surprised me even more was the performance. This chandelier is electric, and when it’s playing, it automatically rises and is stored so that it sticks to the ceiling. This is the first time I’ve seen such a device.

The view from the upper floor is …?


Well, this is my seat in the middle of the balcony “2. Rang”. It is a cheap seat in category 6, but the seat next to it is a high class seat in category 5, so I think the cost performance is not bad.


The view from here is here. Sitting deep in a chair hides half of the stage, but if you lean forward, you can barely see. However, the handrail in front of the seat is a soft cushion to make it easy to attach the elbow, and there is also a luggage rack, so it is very convenient!


Also, in the case of such a seat, there are many opera houses with narrow feet, but here, there is a spacious space, and the seat width is very wide, so it is more than 50 cm! It may be the first time to have such a good balcony seat among many opera houses.


By the way, the seat behind me is standing. Most of the seats in the back of the upper third floor of this Opera House are standing seats.

Verdi operas “Rigoletto”


By the way, this performance is Verdi’s opera “Rigoletto (Rigoletto)”. It is a masterpiece of the mid Verdi era, and the aria “a woman’s song” sung by the character Duke Mantova is famous.


The stage set has an impressive hinadan where many people line up. There are some highlights, such as the Banda (the part of an orchestra that plays outside the pit) which is unified in a white costume, but it doesn’t change much from start to finish, so many people may get tired of it if they don’t understand the plot and the language.


Also, the quality of the songs and the performance of the orchestra were not good at this performance. The …。 songs were out of harmony even in the duo, and the musical instruments which are funny at the beginning of the performance were scattered.

As I thought, opera based on theater is not very enjoyable if you don’t understand the language.

Check the Bar menu!


Finally, check out the social scene during the break! In the basement of the lobby, there was an authentic bar area with bar counters and tables.


The break time this time is only 30 minutes, so there are many people who really eat! It is an underground space with a low ceiling, but it is a stylish bar with a sophisticated interior.


If you check out the bar’s menu, most of the alcohol is wine. Red and white wine by the glass starts at €6.5, but Dallmayr’s (Darmeyer) white wine and champagne are also available.


Speaking of Dallmayr, it is a famous brand as the purveyor of the Bavarian royal family. The price of a glass of wine here is about double that of regular wine, though it’s not that expensive.


Also, various soft drinks are from €3 to €3.5, and there is a menu with ingredients on a small bread such as Canapes (Canape) as a light meal which is around €7 for 4 pieces.

One of the most luxurious opera houses in Europe!


So, I reported 2 times on the opera house “Bayerische Staatsoper” in Munich, Germany, and I felt it was one of the most luxurious opera houses in Europe with its refined and beautiful auditorium and royal foyer.


On the other hand, there are many people in the audience who are dressed firmly, and their impression is similar to that of the Vienna Opera House. You don’t need a tie, but you should wear a jacket even in summer. Even for casual fashion, I think you should know that shirts with collars are a must.

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