A Convenient Apartment Hotel in Moscow with a Kitchen in front of Station “Aparthotel Adagio”

I stayed at the 4-star hotel “Aparthotel Adagio Moscow Kievskaya” in front of Kiev station (Kievskaya Kievskiy) in Moscow, the last stop of my trip to Russia. This place is convenient in front of the station, but it was a clean room with a kitchen with full functions, so I had a very comfortable stay!

4-star hotel in front of Kiev station

Aparthotel Adagio Moscow Kievskaya is here. It is located in front of the terminal station “Kiev Station” located slightly southwest of the center of Moscow.


Kievskiy Station, a long-distance train bound for Kiev, Ukraine, and Kievskaya Station, where three subway lines are connected, are located at a key junction, making it extremely convenient! It is only 3 stations away from the Kremlin tourist center.


There is a large shopping center in front of the station, and there is also a large supermarket in the basement! There is no shortage of grocery shopping. However, the security is not so good, so I don’t recommend you to walk around unnecessarily and unnecessarily.

a heavily guarded entrance


Aparthotel Adagio, where I stayed this time, is located in a big building where several hotels including ibis are combined. Enter from the main entrance and take the elevator on the left to the fifth floor.



There are two high-profile security guards in the elevator hall, and you need to go through security checks before entering the hotel. I don’t like it because I get nervous every time I go in and out of the hotel, but it can’t be helped because this is also for preventing terrorism …


Reception is open 24 hours a day. You can of course communicate in English with a firm and polite response. Check-in starts from 14:00, but I was able to enter at 12: 00, a little earlier!



The lobby next to the reception was quite stylish, and stylish sofa based on red, lighting, and matryoshka’s homage on the wall were also wonderful!



My room this time is “Studio”. It has a space of 25 m2, which is enough for one person, but despite the name “apartment”, the layout is just like a normal hotel.

The interior has the same color as the lobby, and the red curtain is impressive.


There is a kitchen on the corridor side, and it looks like an ordinary apartment if you cut only this part. There is a door between the room and the corridor, so it has excellent soundproofing from the outside of the entrance!




Also, it has a lot of storage space, which is what I call an apartment! There are storage shelves throughout the room and hallway, so it will be useful for a long stay.


The new wood-grain desk is big enough, and there are three outlets on the table. Wifi (Free) fits in well, so there is no shortage of work on PC.

Storage type bed is very convenient!


And the most amazing thing is this bed! It looks like a regular double bed, but a black belt holds the mattress and pillow in place.


This bed has a storage system, so it can be stored in the wall when not in use. If you follow the illustration and lift the bed …


A spacious space is created like this! There is a sofa under the bed, so you can relax like a living room.


Also, if you put a dining table here, it will turn into a dining table! This table is stored so that it overlaps the desk by the wall.

As you can see, it is good to be able to use small rooms effectively. Also, the bed is light enough for women to lift, so it’s safe.

Complete kitchen area


The kitchen has an easy-to-use size sink and 2 induction stoves. There are hot water pots, coffee machines, and cleaning tools such as detergents and sponges.



There is a dishwasher under the work table, a large refrigerator (With a freezer.) on the side, and a microwave on top. There are cooking utensils and tableware, so you won’t feel any inconvenience even if you stay for a long time.



The drinks and snacks on the kitchen counter are from the mini bar. There is a list of beers and wines you can order additionally, but a 330 ml can of beer costs around 700 yen …

spacious clean bathroom



Next, when I checked the bathroom, it was spacious, clean and comfortable! The water pressure and temperature of the shower are excellent, and there is no problem with draining water from the feet.


However, the types of amenities were limited, only the provided shampoo for the whole body, hand soap, soap and shower cap. Well, it’s a 4 star hotel, so this much should be enough.

Soundproofing performance …

By the way, this hotel is located in the middle of downtown, so I’m worried about its soundproof performance. My room this time was on the 8th floor, but I couldn’t hear any noise outside, and it was very quiet at night!


There are commercial facilities on the lower floors of this building, and the hotel rooms are at least on the 7th floor, so I don’t think you will be bothered by the hustle and bustle of the city.

However, the wall between the room and the next room is not so thick, and you may hear the sound of the TV in the next room if you keep it quiet at night. Well, this is the fate of a 4 star hotel, so it can’t be helped.

Less than 10,000 yen per night! The most cost-effective hotel


The accommodation fee this time is about 9,700 yen per 1 night including tax. It is a good deal that 1 night stay in Moscow, the capital, is within 10,000 yen in summer! Depending on the season, you can stay 1 night for about 7,000 yen, so the cost performance is great!

The convenient location in front of the station and the comfortable facilities of the apartment room made my stay very comfortable! Please stay with us when you stay in Moscow!

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