Very Close to Vladivostok Station! Hotel with Ocean View “AZIMUT” Accommodation Report

I stayed at a 4 star hotel called Hotel AZIMUT in Vladivostok. This hotel is located close to Vladivostok Station, but it is located on a hill and has an excellent location overlooking the sea.

The price is a bit high, but it’s perfect for the Trans-Siberian Railway! I would like to report such Hotel AZIMUT.

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※This article was written before the virus scandal. This will be updated.

a hotel on a hill

The hotel I stayed at this time, AZIMUT, is located here, close to Vladivostok Station. I will take the Trans-Siberian Railway this time, so the location near the station is very helpful!


However, since the hotel is located on a hill, the approach from Vladivostok Station to the hotel is a series of steep slopes! And the angle was so steep that it was hard to drag my suitcase!

The distance is less than 1 km, but the access to the station is at least 20 minutes.


The hotel has a general view that is not particularly European. There were a lot of rooms and buses with large groups came frequently.



There is a reception inside. Next to it is a slightly stylish (I don’t think so …) lobby. It is a non-barrier-free structure with about 8 steps in front of the elevator to the guest room.

I said that the reception was neither good nor bad, but it was not a particularly pleasant reception, but they did the minimum work properly.

Superior Double Bed SEA View


Here is the room I stayed in! This hotel mainly has 3 types of rooms (Standard → Superior → Suite), the superior room in the middle. The size is 18 m2, and most of the rooms in this hotel are this size except for the suite.


The exterior and lobby were nothing special, but the interior of the room was fresh and clean! It has a lot of storage space and is easy to use.


However, I thought the bed was a double bed …, but unfortunately it was a very narrow type with 2 single beds. When I stay in Europe I always wonder if I have a chance to use each of these beds that are less than 80 cm wide separately …?


Also, the desk space is not large and there is only one outlet next to the bed, so it may be a little inconvenient for work, but Wi-Fi is free and the signal is stable.

Refrigerator, air conditioning, window views



Other than that, it is nice that there is a refrigerator. The mini bar is not included, and all drinks are ordered by room service.




Welcome drink and beer bottle opener are also available. The air conditioner might be controlled centrally, but it didn’t respond when I pressed the remote control.


This hotel is located on a hill near the coast, so you can see the ocean from the window. The “sea view” “room seems to be a bit expensive, but when I booked it, it was almost the same.”.

It is easy to use around the water


Finally, check the area around the water! It’s big enough, and the walls and floor are clean. I could use it comfortably with no odor.


The simple shower has no problem with water pressure and excellent temperature control. After this, I stayed at various hotels in various cities in Russia, and many of the showers in the hotels in Russia are excellent.


The amenities are shampoo, shower gel, and toothbrush. In addition, shaving is requested.

Is it a little expensive?


It is such a hotel, AZIMUT, but the accommodation fee this time is about 12,700 yen for 1 night with a reservation from Expedia. The hotel is clean and easy to use, but considering the price in the Far East Russia, it is a bit expensive.

The small town of Vladivostok has a limited number of hotels, so the price tends to be high because there are few options.


Even so, walking to Vladivostok Station is very convenient! I recommend this hotel when you take the Trans-Siberian Railway from Vladivostok Station like this time! Hotel HP is here.

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